Craft Studio

My cat has been really energized and in the mood to play the past few days so I decided to wake him up earlier today and just keep him entertained in an attempt to get him to sleep during the night when the rest of the house wants to sleep. 20170301_091042

Norwegian forestcats are known to be quite majestic and mine sleeps in our sink, life’s cruel… but he’s the cuddliest, friendliest ball of furry love I’ve ever met so it’s okay. Pretty much right after waking Kissen up I got a text telling me that i have a package to pick up at the store wich means that my sewing machine has been delivered, monday to Wednesday morning is a really fast delivery time… I honestly didn’t  expect to get it until friday.

Now im just stressing out a bit about getting a sewing room up but thankfully we have a room on top of the garage that my boyfriend said I could use as long as it still functions as a guest room. So I went out to take some measurements for tables or desk and was accompanied by Kissen kisse-pa-trappan

I quickly realised that I will need my boyfriends help for the measurements but looking at the space gave me a few ideas on how to use the space so it was a good idea even if it didn’t exactly work out the way i meant for it. I’m thinking that i will place a desk for the sewing machine under the windows on the short side and then have a table that is a bit higher for handling fabric and patterns. And then the bed can just stay where it is and there’s a lot of stuff just lying around that should go someplace else like the actual storage space… The space is really Scandinavian feeling with all the wood from floor to ceiling and I think it makes it feel cozy. Any and all decoration ideas is much appreciated! garage-ofixat

Now I will go back to playing with my restless cat while waiting for my boyfriend to get home from work and help me with the measurements. Have a nice day!


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