So this weekend was the final of the swedish Eurovision song contest Melodifestivalen and I usually don’t watch any of the semifinals or the others but I usually try to watch at least the finals since its tradition and im a little curious to wich song we will be sending to Eurovision. Since I no longer live in Sweden I have to watch it through web tv but that’s actually much better since its then portable. Another tradition is “Mellomys” it’s when the entire family sits down in front of Melodifestivalen, eats something good and votes. I can’t get my boyfriend to join me for watching Melodifestivalen but at least he joins in on the snacking… This year I tried a new recipe, chocolate muffins, peanut fudge/sauce and topped with a layer of melted chocolate. unfortunately i failed on melting the chocolate and ended up spreading it like weird butter wich doesn’t look all too fancy but they ended up so delicious that i decided to share a picture anyways20170311_204312(2).jpg

The rest of the weekend has been spent cleaning the house and fixing things like putting up blinds in the livingroom to be able to see whats on the computer screen now that the sun has returned. Theres still a lot of snow outside so spring cleaning will have to wait a bit longer.

And incase anyone is curious THIS is the song I thing should have won Melodifestivalen based on my personal preference but no such luck.


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