Trip to hospital

Last week was absolute chaos, monday was spent packing for the trip but I ended up forgetting half of my stuff anyways. As it turns out being all organized is of no use if you forget to put things in your suitcase.

On Tuesday I took a 16-17 hour trip to Sweden to visit my parents. Travelling for so long probably is even less fun than it sounds considering I was travelling by train. I’ve seen the sight out of that train window so many times now that even that scenic view couldn’t keep me busy.wp-1490346673086.jpgFortunately I had music to keep out the noise of everybody else and free wi-fi on the train so that I could listen to anything I wanted. I most likely gave the other passengers something to do since I quite often caught people staring at me and I get it. I’m pretty noise sensitive so I prefer a calm environment s o whenever possible I like to travel in first-class or business and I guess I don’t exactly look like a person that would travel in either.wp-1490346687286.jpg

Then on Thursday I was in Jönköping meeting a friend wich I already wrote about. On Friday I visited my grandparents and when I got home I started feeling extremely sick and once again vomited so much that I lost enough fluids to land myself in an overnight stay in the hospital… so I guess I was wrong when I said that I could finally stop worrying. I got home from the hospital yesterday and I’m going back tomorrow for some more fluids and nutrition since I still can’t eat even though I’ve stopped throwing up. It’s extremely annoying to travel this far to visit friends and family and then be too sick to do anything but lay in bed. I’m also extremely tried all the time so I’ll stop complaining and go back to bed and just hope that I feel better when I wake up.


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