International Women’s day is bullshit!

So I have spent today feeling like a bitter old lady ruining all the fun for everyone else. I don’t want to spoil the fun but I really do think that the international Women’s day should be about making a difference and speaking up about the problems around the world. Instead I’m met with more or less nudes on social media because women’s rights? And men posting shirts off pictures of themselves saying that they want to congratulate women on their day with gods gift to humanity wich ofc is their body… 

Meanwhile in other country’s women are still treated as second class citizens, girls are not entitled to an education since their job will be to give birth and take care of the kids and in some country’s it’s considered an misfortune to give birth to a girl wich leads to female baby’s being left for dead. 

So instead of making this day all about yourself just because you are a woman do something to help the women around the world that is less entitled than you. You already have a day for celebrating yourself, it’s called a birthday and if you choose to get kids you will also have mother’s day. I will donate some money to help women in need and if you can afford to I suggest you do the same or something like it (or at least something for the benefit of someone else)!

And while I’m on this rant… why congratulate women? You wouldn’t congratulate someone sick with HIV on the international AIDSday. Are you congratulating women on less wages? Being discriminated against? Or what exactly are you congratulating us for?