International Women’s day is bullshit!

So I have spent today feeling like a bitter old lady ruining all the fun for everyone else. I don’t want to spoil the fun but I really do think that the international Women’s day should be about making a difference and speaking up about the problems around the world. Instead I’m met with more or less nudes on social media because women’s rights? And men posting shirts off pictures of themselves saying that they want to congratulate women on their day with gods gift to humanity wich ofc is their body… 

Meanwhile in other country’s women are still treated as second class citizens, girls are not entitled to an education since their job will be to give birth and take care of the kids and in some country’s it’s considered an misfortune to give birth to a girl wich leads to female baby’s being left for dead. 

So instead of making this day all about yourself just because you are a woman do something to help the women around the world that is less entitled than you. You already have a day for celebrating yourself, it’s called a birthday and if you choose to get kids you will also have mother’s day. I will donate some money to help women in need and if you can afford to I suggest you do the same or something like it (or at least something for the benefit of someone else)!

And while I’m on this rant… why congratulate women? You wouldn’t congratulate someone sick with HIV on the international AIDSday. Are you congratulating women on less wages? Being discriminated against? Or what exactly are you congratulating us for? 

Foodie Monday

This past weekend (Friday to Monday to be more exact) has been stressful and I feel like I’d like to sleep for a week. It’s not so much that I’ve had alot to as that I’ve had alot of things to think about. There’s alot of changes either going on or coming up in the future and I’m not 100% sure about how stuff is going to work out yet.

But today has been a foodie day because tasty food is a good way to improve the mood. If anyone wants recipies for anything just ask. 

Asian Inspired stew for lunch.

Spicy meatballs, marinara with spagetti and a side of home-baked garlic bread. 

Tomorrow we are taking a trip into the city, my boyfriend and my neighbour is dropping of their phones for repairs at a phone shop and I figured that I should tag along so that I can go grocery shopping in a bigger store that hopefully has alot of fun things for me to experiment with. If I’m lucky I might even have time to visit a clothes store and find something to wear on my upcoming journey. 

Craft Studio

My cat has been really energized and in the mood to play the past few days so I decided to wake him up earlier today and just keep him entertained in an attempt to get him to sleep during the night when the rest of the house wants to sleep. 20170301_091042

Norwegian forestcats are known to be quite majestic and mine sleeps in our sink, life’s cruel… but he’s the cuddliest, friendliest ball of furry love I’ve ever met so it’s okay. Pretty much right after waking Kissen up I got a text telling me that i have a package to pick up at the store wich means that my sewing machine has been delivered, monday to Wednesday morning is a really fast delivery time… I honestly didn’t  expect to get it until friday.

Now im just stressing out a bit about getting a sewing room up but thankfully we have a room on top of the garage that my boyfriend said I could use as long as it still functions as a guest room. So I went out to take some measurements for tables or desk and was accompanied by Kissen kisse-pa-trappan

I quickly realised that I will need my boyfriends help for the measurements but looking at the space gave me a few ideas on how to use the space so it was a good idea even if it didn’t exactly work out the way i meant for it. I’m thinking that i will place a desk for the sewing machine under the windows on the short side and then have a table that is a bit higher for handling fabric and patterns. And then the bed can just stay where it is and there’s a lot of stuff just lying around that should go someplace else like the actual storage space… The space is really Scandinavian feeling with all the wood from floor to ceiling and I think it makes it feel cozy. Any and all decoration ideas is much appreciated! garage-ofixat

Now I will go back to playing with my restless cat while waiting for my boyfriend to get home from work and help me with the measurements. Have a nice day!

Crafty dreams

I just ordered a new sewing machine or rather my first sewing machine that is just mine. I’m so excited and I just hope that it is as good as reviews says it is. The only negative I found was that’s it’s heavy so not portable and I plan on setting up a permanent work area so that is not a problem for me.

I bought this beauty a singer quantum stylist 9960 and I know it’s not a new model but it has what I need and was just within my price range. A few sewing projects are to be expected to pop up in the future as I also bought my favourite book on creating patterns for clothes, when I lived with my parents I could just go to the library and borrow it but here it doesent exist so I’m getting my own. I have so many ideas for projects that I don’t know with what to begin so wish me luck!

I’d be happy to do a review of the sewing machine when I’ve used it for a bit if anyone is interested.


I’m kind of impressed with how I didn’t  even get through my first scheduled week. My plan is to blog every Monday, Wednesday and Friday with a bit of a theme. Noticed how it’s neither of those days? 

I may be a professional procrastinator but that’s not really what happened. I’ve been sick since Friday so Friday to Monday I spent sleeping or laying in a warm bath to soften my sore body. So life isn’t very fun right now since I mostly sleep but when I woke up this morning and looked out the window I noticed that the world is white so I’ve found some fluffy cold happiness.

Late valentines

My plan for today was to make a vlog to introduce myself to the world. Unfortunately I’m a grownup with a house to take care of and lately I’ve been sick for some time now so all my things has come to live on the couch with me so need to free some space before recording anything. So instead of making a vlog or anything else I decided to make today a cleaning day.

On the bright side my package got delivered today so I will most likely enjoy a bubble bath in a newly cleaned bathtub later today, can you imagine anything more relaxing?

The box is a set of 24 beard oils. It’s a shame that it got delivered today and not yesterday since I intended it to be a valentines gift for my boyfriend. On the bright side gifts are always fun and he loved it so mission accomplished.