When in doubt eat curry

Right now I feel like I’m pretty much a nervous wreck. There is just so much that needs to be done on Friday and I have absolutely no clue of how to find the time and energy to do everything. I also have to decide today if I still want to go on the trip I had planned even though I can’t bring my cat. I’m so used to having my fluffy ball of fur around all the time and sleeping next to me in bed that I get a bit anxious when he’s not around and I have trouble sleeping when he’s not in bed so I’m not sure how easy it would be to sleep when he’s in another country. 

On a more positive note I got a book called “Vegan in 21 days” on Monday and so far the recipies has been delicious 

On Monday I made a chocolate peanut butter smoothie wich was really good. And yesterday I made a cauliflower curry that did not look very fancy but tasted heavenly. 

Unfortunately where we live it’s not easy to find all of the ingredients so I will have to go shopping for it on Friday when we are in a bigger city. If I still would have lived in sweden all ingredients would be things that already easily found in all stores. But my objective is to show my boyfriend that veggies isn’t boring but delicious and he’s here so the food has to be here too.

A waterfall of snow ain’t stopping me

Yesterday I woke up and realised that i could no longer put off going to the store to buy food since the fridge and freezer was empty. Yes it’s completely irresponsible to not have food in the house but when the weather is how it is you have a good reason.20170309_133419Might not show so well in that picture but there is a lot of snow falling and the cat did not want to leave the area that has a roof. But by the time my boyfriend got home it had stopped snowing so we decided to go to the store and the cat decided to go outside. 20170309_162012While I put my shoes and jacket on they decided to play in the snow, I wasn’t there to see who started it but I have a suspect. Boys will be boys i guess.

I really don’t regret going to the store because I got lucky and the store was for once well stocked with delicious ingredients wich landed me an amazing dinner… It took a while to make but it was worth it.20170310_012049My poor kitty cat had to be outside because even though my sushi is vegan it still smells like seafood and he went crazy. I had cucumber, avocado, carrots and mango as a filling in my rolls. It was delicious and the best part is that i only used half a mango so i had the other half for breakfast! 20170310_094019There is no better way to have breakfast than in your pjs with some nice company. Or actually the only thing that could make this better is if it stopped snowing like a frozen waterfall outside. I can’t see the mountains at all today.

Foodie Monday

This past weekend (Friday to Monday to be more exact) has been stressful and I feel like I’d like to sleep for a week. It’s not so much that I’ve had alot to as that I’ve had alot of things to think about. There’s alot of changes either going on or coming up in the future and I’m not 100% sure about how stuff is going to work out yet.

But today has been a foodie day because tasty food is a good way to improve the mood. If anyone wants recipies for anything just ask. 

Asian Inspired stew for lunch.

Spicy meatballs, marinara with spagetti and a side of home-baked garlic bread. 

Tomorrow we are taking a trip into the city, my boyfriend and my neighbour is dropping of their phones for repairs at a phone shop and I figured that I should tag along so that I can go grocery shopping in a bigger store that hopefully has alot of fun things for me to experiment with. If I’m lucky I might even have time to visit a clothes store and find something to wear on my upcoming journey.