Trip to hospital

Last week was absolute chaos, monday was spent packing for the trip but I ended up forgetting half of my stuff anyways. As it turns out being all organized is of no use if you forget to put things in your suitcase.

On Tuesday I took a 16-17 hour trip to Sweden to visit my parents. Travelling for so long probably is even less fun than it sounds considering I was travelling by train. I’ve seen the sight out of that train window so many times now that even that scenic view couldn’t keep me busy.wp-1490346673086.jpgFortunately I had music to keep out the noise of everybody else and free wi-fi on the train so that I could listen to anything I wanted. I most likely gave the other passengers something to do since I quite often caught people staring at me and I get it. I’m pretty noise sensitive so I prefer a calm environment s o whenever possible I like to travel in first-class or business and I guess I don’t exactly look like a person that would travel in either.wp-1490346687286.jpg

Then on Thursday I was in Jönköping meeting a friend wich I already wrote about. On Friday I visited my grandparents and when I got home I started feeling extremely sick and once again vomited so much that I lost enough fluids to land myself in an overnight stay in the hospital… so I guess I was wrong when I said that I could finally stop worrying. I got home from the hospital yesterday and I’m going back tomorrow for some more fluids and nutrition since I still can’t eat even though I’ve stopped throwing up. It’s extremely annoying to travel this far to visit friends and family and then be too sick to do anything but lay in bed. I’m also extremely tried all the time so I’ll stop complaining and go back to bed and just hope that I feel better when I wake up.

Trip to Jönköping

Today I finally got myself together and left the house. im still really sore after Tuesdays trip but I figured that I couldn’t stay in bed forever. Therefore I decided to meet up with a friend in Jönköping wich is the closest town to where I am right now. He wanted ice cream and I wanted sushi so I hopped on the first train to te city.

when I got to the city I had 20 minutes to kill before he arrived so I went to the closest clothes store to see if I could find a dress or a skirt to have as a change of clothes since im really tired of only wearing jeans and I didn’t pack anything else than jeans and pants, unfortunately it wasnt yet season for it so I gave up.

When my friend showed up I realised that I  was way to hungry to go all the way to the sushi restaurant so we ended up eating a sandwich at subway instead and we couldn’t find anywhere that sold the ice cream he wanted so we’re not really all to good at doing what we said we’d do.

Something unexpected we did do was to walk pretty much around the lake in the city and I managed to snap some photos when we stopped for a rest.DSC00695.pngI found a sign that said to beware of otters crossing the street, but this duck was the only animal I saw. Next time I might get lucky. We sat on a bench enjoying the spring weather so long that the sun begin to setDSC00696(2).pngIt was a beautiful sunset but as soon as the sun disappeared I was harshly reminded that its only days since the snow disappeared. It’s funny really, as soon as the snow melts and the sun begins to feel the slightest bit warm all the swedes are swarming at cafes sitting outside with sunglasses and celebrates that spring has arrived even if it’s still winter jacket temperatures. I wonder if it’s a swedish thing or if it happens in more places.


So this weekend was the final of the swedish Eurovision song contest Melodifestivalen and I usually don’t watch any of the semifinals or the others but I usually try to watch at least the finals since its tradition and im a little curious to wich song we will be sending to Eurovision. Since I no longer live in Sweden I have to watch it through web tv but that’s actually much better since its then portable. Another tradition is “Mellomys” it’s when the entire family sits down in front of Melodifestivalen, eats something good and votes. I can’t get my boyfriend to join me for watching Melodifestivalen but at least he joins in on the snacking… This year I tried a new recipe, chocolate muffins, peanut fudge/sauce and topped with a layer of melted chocolate. unfortunately i failed on melting the chocolate and ended up spreading it like weird butter wich doesn’t look all too fancy but they ended up so delicious that i decided to share a picture anyways20170311_204312(2).jpg

The rest of the weekend has been spent cleaning the house and fixing things like putting up blinds in the livingroom to be able to see whats on the computer screen now that the sun has returned. Theres still a lot of snow outside so spring cleaning will have to wait a bit longer.

And incase anyone is curious THIS is the song I thing should have won Melodifestivalen based on my personal preference but no such luck.

A waterfall of snow ain’t stopping me

Yesterday I woke up and realised that i could no longer put off going to the store to buy food since the fridge and freezer was empty. Yes it’s completely irresponsible to not have food in the house but when the weather is how it is you have a good reason.20170309_133419Might not show so well in that picture but there is a lot of snow falling and the cat did not want to leave the area that has a roof. But by the time my boyfriend got home it had stopped snowing so we decided to go to the store and the cat decided to go outside. 20170309_162012While I put my shoes and jacket on they decided to play in the snow, I wasn’t there to see who started it but I have a suspect. Boys will be boys i guess.

I really don’t regret going to the store because I got lucky and the store was for once well stocked with delicious ingredients wich landed me an amazing dinner… It took a while to make but it was worth it.20170310_012049My poor kitty cat had to be outside because even though my sushi is vegan it still smells like seafood and he went crazy. I had cucumber, avocado, carrots and mango as a filling in my rolls. It was delicious and the best part is that i only used half a mango so i had the other half for breakfast! 20170310_094019There is no better way to have breakfast than in your pjs with some nice company. Or actually the only thing that could make this better is if it stopped snowing like a frozen waterfall outside. I can’t see the mountains at all today.

Craft Studio

My cat has been really energized and in the mood to play the past few days so I decided to wake him up earlier today and just keep him entertained in an attempt to get him to sleep during the night when the rest of the house wants to sleep. 20170301_091042

Norwegian forestcats are known to be quite majestic and mine sleeps in our sink, life’s cruel… but he’s the cuddliest, friendliest ball of furry love I’ve ever met so it’s okay. Pretty much right after waking Kissen up I got a text telling me that i have a package to pick up at the store wich means that my sewing machine has been delivered, monday to Wednesday morning is a really fast delivery time… I honestly didn’t  expect to get it until friday.

Now im just stressing out a bit about getting a sewing room up but thankfully we have a room on top of the garage that my boyfriend said I could use as long as it still functions as a guest room. So I went out to take some measurements for tables or desk and was accompanied by Kissen kisse-pa-trappan

I quickly realised that I will need my boyfriends help for the measurements but looking at the space gave me a few ideas on how to use the space so it was a good idea even if it didn’t exactly work out the way i meant for it. I’m thinking that i will place a desk for the sewing machine under the windows on the short side and then have a table that is a bit higher for handling fabric and patterns. And then the bed can just stay where it is and there’s a lot of stuff just lying around that should go someplace else like the actual storage space… The space is really Scandinavian feeling with all the wood from floor to ceiling and I think it makes it feel cozy. Any and all decoration ideas is much appreciated! garage-ofixat

Now I will go back to playing with my restless cat while waiting for my boyfriend to get home from work and help me with the measurements. Have a nice day!


I’m kind of impressed with how I didn’t  even get through my first scheduled week. My plan is to blog every Monday, Wednesday and Friday with a bit of a theme. Noticed how it’s neither of those days? 

I may be a professional procrastinator but that’s not really what happened. I’ve been sick since Friday so Friday to Monday I spent sleeping or laying in a warm bath to soften my sore body. So life isn’t very fun right now since I mostly sleep but when I woke up this morning and looked out the window I noticed that the world is white so I’ve found some fluffy cold happiness.